Our customers

Companies of all sizes and various industries use Visity.


GUSEC scales their co-working place by using a digital visitor management solution.


Relitrdae leverages Visity to ensure secure culture at their workspace.

Sales & Service Corporation

Sales & Service monitors every shipment and visitor entries in a single click.

Venture Syndicate

VS a business community invites their Visitors to their weekly meeting.

Karla Shukla Classes

Generates leads and gives appointments to their new students by ensuring safety and security.

Auto Design

Auto Design impresses their new clients by sending them Visitor Pass via Whatsapp/Email.

Deepkala Silk Heritage

Deepkala takes online appointments to ensure a safe environment at their premises. Also uses COVID combat kit for walk-in customers.

Here's what our customers have to say about us!

Visity customers Relitrade
"Visity is very easy to use for walk-in Visitors and staff members.""

Komal P

Receptionist at Relitrade
Visity customers Sales & Service
"Visity Visitor Management software helped us in identifying one of our interviewed candidate by checking the captured photograph on dashboard."

Minakshi K

HR Consultant at Sales & Service Corp.
Visity customers GUSEC
"Visity Team is helping us to track our visitors and keep our premises safe and secure."

Ajit N

Admin Associate at GUSEC
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